SAP Audit-Log primary goal is to provide for the Transfer, Management, and Storage, Retention, and Retrieval solution for SAP Audit Log Files. Audit-Log will be a single component of an organization’s overall comprehensive Sarbanes Oxley Audit solution

The ability to isolate any user, business transaction, activity, and to provide traceability to complimentary auditing mechanisms that SAP delivers is critical to meeting Sarbanes Oxley compliance (SOX) In the realm of auditing, we realize that the chain is as strong as the weakest link. Audit-Log is designed to provide a foundation for ALL traceability within a complex SAP landscape.


Highly productive tool and will be customized per clients' requirement to automate recurring tasks on SAP Application thus achieving high productivity & reliance from end user perspective. It can automate any user action on SAP through its user friendly iteration specifying through GUI, data map/transfer from flat file/excel etc.


Low cost alternative to SOD analysis tools in the market. This can be made available as a web service or can be installed at client site and will help to analyse an SOD for a user, role and browse through a set of risk mitigation options for each risk type.

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