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Companies can gain significant business advantage by sharing information and services with customers, partners and employees – but this easy exchange of data and access increases risk. The growing complexity of applications and infrastructure, regulatory requirements and ever-evolving security threats makes the development and execution of sound governance, processes and reporting essential to the protection of your critical data and applications.

Synapse security services for SAP applications help organizations reduce risk and centralize the authorization control, administration, management and reporting for their SAP applications. Our team of SAP experts helps your company to reduce IT complexities and free up in-house staff to focus on other strategic activities. 

Security administration services

 Management and Maintenance

  • User add/remove/change management
  • Role creation/assignment/modification/ removal
  • ID unlock and password resets
  • Superuser (Firefighter) access management
  • Role and activity group maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Change control management

 Monitoring and Audit Reporting

  • Compliance and audit reporting
  • User checks for inactivity
  • Firefighter user reporting
  • SoD analytic reporting
  • Incident monitoring and reporting
  • Documentation
  • Manage security changes due to SAP Notes, support pack applications, upgrades, projects, new implementations



How would it be if risk management and compliance requirements would no longer mean additional expenses, but security, better quality and efficiency?

We offer experienced consultants and proven software solutions for the issues of compliance management, risk management and governance. Our aim is to help companies to meet mandatory requirements with optimum use of resources and to be able to prove this without gaps and at your fingertips.

Our process-oriented governance, risk and compliance approach enables flexible deployment and efficient operation of an enterprise-wide risk management system. We advise you holistically: from the identification process, the structure of risk catalogs and control design through to implementation of workflows and meaningful modern dashboards.

We support our clients in the following areas:

Enterprise Risk Management

Design and optimization of enterprise-wide qualitative or quantitative risk management systems. Integration of risk management with as many disciplines in the enterprise management to the creation of as many synergies.

Compliance Management

Assignment Policies (external or internal) to regulations, risks, processes, etc. It allows you to establish a better culture of compliance and thereby reduce risks.

Internal control system
Design, optimization and monitoring of internal controls and the corresponding business processes. Effectiveness and design of everyday controls integrate appropriate.

Continuous Controls Monitoring
To increase your productivity, you can automate tasks. A real-time monitoring with 100 percent data coverage gives them to choose. 

Internal Audit
Use audit management for a wide range of audit-related activities, data and processes. You can complete audit lifecycle including audit checklists, manage to execution and reporting.

Define together with you and we design the processes and methods, and a method for the individual risk disciplines. From planning to implementation - Everything from one source with experienced consultants.



SAP NetWeaver Identity Management software is a tool used to manage user access, provide user access according to current business roles, and manage passwords with self-service capabilities and approval workflows. It helps companies to centrally manage their user accounts (identities) in a complex system landscape. This includes both SAP and non-SAP systems. The solution provides an authoritative, single source of user information and enables self-service management of user information and authorizations using workflow technology.

The main Functions of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management include:

Provisioning, Workflow & Approvals

Business rules and policies drive assignment and maintenance of user access rights across multiple systems. You can quickly provision employees as well as business partners, and all changes and approvals are fully auditable.

Role Management

Roles align with business processes rather than technical directory structures. Users are assigned roles and given certain privileges, called entitlements, which enable access to various systems.

Password Management & Self- Services

The software supports self-service password reset and password synchronization across all connected target systems, as well as the ability to perform self-service updates of personal information. Usually it’s avoided to use agents which have to be installed on target systems. In most cases the connection is done with the standard API of a connected target system to process all provisioning task, e.g. for LDAP directories, ADS, Exchange. In some rare cases agents are used, e.g. for the “ADS Password Hook” because it’s the only way to go. In addition to that, customers may want to develop their own agents for sending events to IDM.

Reporting & Auditing

Critical for compliance, this feature enables you to produce reports based on current access and past events. If questions come up, reports can conclusively state whether the person in question had entitlements to particular applications and associated features and functions. You can transparently maintain all changes to data, user access rights, and administrative permissions.

Identity Virtualization

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management provides an integrated, unified view of the virtual identity of users, as well as identity services to let you leverage identity information and access rights across networks.

Data Synchronization

If you change key information in one application, it is transformed and propagated to other related applications to maintain data consistency and quality.

SAP Identity Management 8.0 has been just released and it has General Availability now.

First several customers have successfully completed upgrade projects from Identity Management 7.2 to IdM 8.0 and new installations of IdM 8.0 during customer validation and ramp-up phases.

SAP Identity Management 8.0 comes with the following main improvements:

  • Innovative design-time IdM Developer Studio as Eclipse plug-in. It replaces the Identity Center Management Console and comes with new configuration packages concept and better usability as well as multi-user environment. Supports Visual Workflow Design which allows you to visualize conveniently and to drag and drop processes in a workflow diagram
  • Extended integration capabilities with SAP products with SAP SuccessFactors connector
  • Improved security concept.

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